Deependra Singh

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Lipid based carriers have attracted increasing scientific and commercial attention during the last few years as an alternative material for the delivery of peptides and proteins concerned with stability issues. This article presents an overview of different types of biocompatible and versatile lipid-based carriers employed for the delivery of therapeutic(More)
Drug delivery through skin is the major confrontation due to its exceptional barrier properties. Despite major research and development efforts in transdermal systems, low Stratum corneum permeability limits the usefulness of topically administered drugs. This problem is more pronounced with bioactive drugs, which require special formulation technologies to(More)
Development of new delivery systems that deliver the potential drug specifically to the target site in order to meet the therapeutic needs of the patients at the required time and level remains the key challenge in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology. Developments in this context to achieve desired goal has led to the evolution of the(More)
Gentamicin-Eudragit RS100 microspheres were prepared by modified double emulsion method. A 3(2) full factorial experiment was designed to study the effects of the composition of outer aqueous phase in terms of amount of glycerol (viscosity effect) and sodium chloride (osmotic pressure gradient effect) on the entrapment efficiency and % yield and microsphere(More)
Mammography has been found effective as the primary screening test for breast cancer. We estimated the cumulative probability of false positive screening test results with respect to symptom history reported at screen. A historical prospective cohort study was done using individual screening data from 413,611 women aged 50–69 years with 2,627,256(More)
The study purpose was to assess association of symptoms at screening visits with detection of breast cancer among women aged 50-69 years during the period 2006-2010. Altogether 1.2 million screening visits were made and symptoms (lump, retraction, secretion etc.) were reported either by women or radiographer. Breast cancer risk was calculated for each(More)
Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder of the skin with relapsing episodes of inflammation and hyperkeratosis. Numerous approaches have been explored to treat this dreadful disease using different antipsoriatic drugs with different modes of action and routes of administration. But, till date there is no cure for psoriasis due to lack of an ideal carrier for(More) Abstract A 3 factorial design was employed to produce oral sustained release lipospheres prepared by modified double emulsion solvent evaporation technique for Serratiopeptidase (acid-labile enzyme) using wax and polar lipid combination as retardants. The effects of formulation variables selected through preliminary trials namely(More)
Lactoferrin (Lf), an iron-binding protein from the transferrin family has been reported to have numerous functions. Even though Lf was first isolated from milk, it is also found in most exocrine secretions and in the secondary granules of neutrophils. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity reports on lactoferrin identified its significance in host(More)
This paper addresses a novel technique for placement of distributed generation (DG) in electric power systems. A GA based approach for sizing and placement of DG keeping in view of system power loss minimization in different loading conditions is explained. Minimal system power loss is obtained under voltage and line loading constraints. Proposed strategy(More)