Deepayan Bhowmik

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Ambient assisted living (AAL) has the ambitious goal of improving the quality of life and maintaining independence of older and vulnerable people through the use of technology. Most of the western world will see a very large increase in the number of older people within the next 50 years with limited resources to care for them. AAL is seen as a promising(More)
A model for embedding distortion performance for wavelet based watermarking is presented in this paper. Firstly wavelet based watermarking schemes are generalised into a single common framework. Then a mathematical approach has been made to find the relationship between distortion performance metrics and the watermark embedding parameters. The derived model(More)
This paper proposes a novel scalable authentication scheme that utilizes the progressive enhancement functionality in JPEG 2000 scalable image coding. The proposed method first models the wavelet-based quality scalable coding to identify the effect of the quantization and de-quantization on wavelet coefficient magnitudes and the data embedded within such(More)
—Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) can accelerate image processing by exploiting fine-grained parallelism opportunities in image operations. FPGA language designs are often subsets or extensions of existing languages, though these typically lack suitable hardware computation models so compiling them to FPGAs leads to inefficient designs. Moreover,(More)
—Profile guided optimisation is a common technique used by compilers and runtime systems to shorten execution runtimes and to optimise locality aware scheduling and memory access on heterogeneous hardware platforms. Some profiling tools trace the execution of low level code, whilst others are designed for abstract models of computation to provide rich(More)
With the emergence of new scalable coding standards, such as JPEG2000, multimedia is stored as scalable coded bit streams that may be adapted to cater network, device and usage preferences in multimedia usage chains providing universal multimedia access. These adaptations include quality, resolution, frame rate and region of interest scalability and(More)