Deepanshu Goyal

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Data summarization is an important technique to understand large datasets and discover useful patterns. In this paper we formulate a problem of summarizing network flow data to discover periodic communication behavior. An efficient implementation method for discovering periodic patterns is described in this paper and it has successfully discovered such(More)
In this paper, we present a Local Histogram Equalization (LHE) based method to improve the visual quality of foggy images. From the fog-degraded image we separate all three color components and apply the enhancement algorithm to each of these components. To mitigate the issue of blocking artifacts generated from Local Histogram Equalization with(More)
Mobile Middleware layer functions between the application layer and network layer, and uses the system services of mobile operating system. Mobile middleware provides adaptable and application specific services between the mobile devices, heterogeneous computing devices and the Internet connected application services. Several applications such as mHealth,(More)
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