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This research seeks to identify consumer segments related to consumption of functional food and nutraceutical products in Canada. The segments are differentiated by consumer receptivity to functional foods and nutraceuticals. In turn, receptivity is tied to attitudes, motivations and knowledge related to food/diet and connections with health. At one(More)
The aim of this paper is to explore the difficulty faced by consumers in complying with health-related dietary guidelines, focusing on those guidelines that consumers find it more/less difficult to meet and the factors driving the ability to make associated dietary changes. Participants reported self-assessed compliance with 12 dietary recommendations(More)
Any policy views, whether explicitly stated, inferred or interpreted from the contents of this publication, should not be represented as reflecting the views of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). AAFC does not control the availability of Internet web sites featured in this report. Therefore, it does not take responsibility for severed hyperlinks or(More)
This article explores the barriers that prevent the adoption of HACCP system by food processing firms in Ontario, Canada. The study identifies four key groups of barriers that prevent firms from adopting HACCP system in their food safety control programs, namely questionable appropriateness, scale of change, low priority and financial constraints. The(More)
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