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High Titre, Ascaris specific, porcine reaginic antibody was induced by combining parasitic infestation and antigen challenge. The reagin was characterised as being heat labile at 56 degrees C, possessing long term skin sensitising activity, and as having physicochemical properties similar to IgE in other species. Porcine IgE was purified by conventional(More)
In the United Kingdom, the infection of people with Coxiella burnetii, the causative agent of Q fever, is of significant public health importance and is associated with contact with dairy cattle. An ELISA was developed for the detection of IgG antibodies against C burnetii in bulk tank milk, and in a survey of randomly selected samples from dairy herds in(More)
We show that for infinite measure-preserving transformations, power weak mixing does not imply multiple recurrence. We also show that the infinite measure-preserving " Chacon transformation " known to have infinite ergodic index is not power weakly mixing, and is 3-recurrent but not multiply recurrent. We also construct some doubly ergodic infinite(More)
The fractionation of sub-populations of peripheral blood mononuclear cells has become an essential routine procedure and some of the main fractionation methods used today are immunomagnetic separations. We describe a less expensive method for the separation of subpopulations of mononuclear cells using density perturbation, which uses the binding of(More)
Let X be a smooth projective variety over an algebraically closed field k ⊂ C of characteristic zero, and Y ⊂ X a smooth complete intersection. The Weak Lefschetz theorem states that the natural restriction map H i (X(C), Q) → H i (Y (C), Q) on singular cohomology is an isomorphism for all i < dim(Y). The Bloch-Beilinson conjectures on the existence of(More)
Let L be a finite field extension of Q p and let G be the group of L-rational points of a split connected reductive group over L. We view G as a locally L-analytic group with Lie algebra g. The purpose of this work is to propose a construction which extends the localization of smooth G-representations of P. Schneider and U. Stuhler to the case of locally(More)
Oral immunization of the lactating sow with live Escherichia coli (O8:K88) stimulated an IgA anti-K88 antibody response in mammary secretions and significantly enhanced the capacity of whey to inhibit adhesion of the inoculum E. coli strain to isolate pig enterocytes. An increase in agglutinating anti-O8 activity was also evident in jilk and was associated(More)
The crustacean intestine and hepatopancreas display a variety of solute transport mechanisms for transmembrane transfer of dietary contents from lumen to epithelial cytosol. An in vitro intestinal perfusion apparatus was used to characterize mucosal to serosoal (MS) and serosal to mucosal (SM) Zn(2+) -dependent (3)H-L-leucine transport by the intestine of(More)