Deepali Virmani

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is an emerging technology now-a-days and has a wide range of applications such as battlefield surveillance, traffic surveillance, forest fire detection, flood detection etc. But wireless sensor networks are susceptible to a variety of potential attacks which obstructs the normal operation of the network. The security of a(More)
K-means is an effective clustering technique used to separate similar data into groups based on initial centroids of clusters. In this paper, Normalization based K-means clustering algorithm(N-K means) is proposed. Proposed N-K means clustering algorithm applies normalization prior to clustering on the available data as well as the proposed approach(More)
To meet the demands of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) where data are usually aggregated at a single source prior to transmitting to any distant user, there is a need to establish a tree structure inside to aggregate data. In this paper, an adaptive energy aware data aggregation tree (AEDT) is proposed. The proposed tree uses the maximum energy available(More)
Wireless sensor networks consists of resource limited sensor nodes and resource-rich nodes, called sink nodes, of higher capabilities to perform powerful actions. In this paper, we focus on data delivery systems to transfer packets when required. Since sensor nodes are usually equipped with limited energy sources and are likely to be influenced by(More)
Wireless Sensor networks are dense networks of small, low-cost sensors, which collect and disseminate environmental data and thus facilitate monitoring and controlling of physical environment from remote locations with better accuracy. The major challenge is to achieve energy efficiency during the communication among the nodes. This paper aims at proposing(More)
Networking in Wireless Sensor networks is a challenging task due to the lack of resources in the network as well as the frequent changes in network topology. Although lots of research has been done on supporting QoS in the Internet and other networks, but they are not suitable for wireless sensor networks and still QoS support for such networks remains an(More)
Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis is a process of identifying opinions in large unstructured/structured data and then analysing polarity of those opinions. Opinion mining and sentiment analysis have found vast application in analysing online ratings, analysing product based reviews, egovernance, and managing hostile content over the internet. This paper(More)
Security is a key feature in Wireless Sensor Networks but they are prone to many kinds of attacks and one of them is Black Hole Attack. In a black hole attack all the packets are consecutively dropped which leads to the decrease in the efficiency of the network and unnecessary wastage of battery life. In this paper, we propose an exponential trust based(More)