Deepali Virmani

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WSNs can be considered a distributed control system designed to react to sensor information with an effective and timely action. For this reason, in WSNs it is important to provide real-time coordination and communication to guarantee timely execution of the right actions. In this paper a new communication protocol RRRT to support robust real-time and(More)
Real-time applications are performance critical applications that require bounded service latency. In multi-hop wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks, communication delays are dominant over processing delays. Therefore, to enable real-time applications in such networks, the communication latency must be bounded. In this paper, we derive expressions of(More)
To meet the demands of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) where data are usually aggregated at a single source prior to transmitting to any distant user, there is a need to establish a tree structure inside to aggregate data. In this paper, an adaptive energy aware data aggregation tree (AEDT) is proposed. The proposed tree uses the maximum energy available(More)
To enable data aggregation among the event sources in wireless sensor networks and to reduce the communication cost there is a need to establish a coveraged tree structure inside any given event region to allow data reports to be aggregated at a single processing point prior to transmission to the network. In this paper we propose a novel technique to(More)
A wireless sensor network has a wide application domain which is expanding everyday and they have been deployed pertaining to their application area. An application independent approach is yet to come to terms with the ongoing exploitation of the WSNs. In this paper we propose a decentralized lifetime maximizing tree for application independent data(More)
Security is a key feature in Wireless Sensor Networks but they are prone to many kinds of attacks and one of them is Black Hole Attack. In a black hole attack all the packets are consecutively dropped which leads to the decrease in the efficiency of the network and unnecessary wastage of battery life. In this paper, we propose an exponential trust based(More)
Opinion mining and Sentiment analysis have emerged as a field of study since the widespread of World Wide Web and internet. Opinion refers to extraction of those lines or phrase in the raw and huge data which express an opinion. Sentiment analysis on the other hand identifies the polarity of the opinion being extracted. In this paper we propose the(More)
In this paper the performance of the proposed DLMT and CLMT algorithms are compared. These proposed algorithms tend to extend the node lifetime. Decentralized lifetime maximizing tree(DLMT) features in nodes with higher energy to be chosen as data aggregating parents while Centralized Lifetime Maximizing Tree(CLMT) features with the identification of the(More)
Wireless sensor networks consists of resource limited sensor nodes and resource-rich nodes, called sink nodes, of higher capabilities to perform powerful actions. In this paper, we focus on data delivery systems to transfer packets when required. Since sensor nodes are usually equipped with limited energy sources and are likely to be influenced by(More)