Deepali Singla

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This year, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay participated in TRECVID 2005 in the task of shot detection. We observe that, even though large number of available shot detection methods perform well under normal conditions (as evinced by the results at Trecvid for the last couple of years), they fail when there are deliberate or inadvertent lighting(More)
In the literature, environment matting (EM) refers to the complex process of discovering how light in an environment interacts with an object; notably, it may transfer through a transparent object, and undergo scattering. Modeling the 3D geometry, and the index of refraction, of non-uniformly optically active substances is intractable; therefore image-based(More)
Steganography is a branch of information security. Steganography aims at hiding the existence of the actual communication. This aim is achieved by hiding the actual information into other information in such a way that intruder cannot detect it. A variety of carrier file formats can be used to carry out steganography e.g. images, text, videos, audio, radio(More)
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