Deepali Singh

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Invited Paper This paper provides an overview of service level agreements (SLAs) in IP networks. It looks at the typical components of an SLA and identifies three common approaches that are used to satisfy SLAs in IP networks. The implications of using the approaches in the context of a network service provider, a hosting service provider, and an enterprise(More)
People have trusted in face-to-face interaction more than any other modes of interactions to develop relationships and as a result of which one of the most concerned problem that the electronic world is facing, is the lack of trust. For online trust development, study of customer behavior is must as customers, in present context, have become more fickle and(More)
Software Defect prediction is the pre-eminent area of software engineering which has witnessed huge importance over last decades. The identification of defects in the early stages of software development improve the quality of the software system and reduce the effort in maintaining the quality of software product. Many research studies have been conducted(More)
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