Deepali Singh

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Genome sequencing has not only extended our understanding of the blueprints of many plant species but has also revealed the secrets of coding and non-coding genes. We present here a brief introduction to and personal account of key RNA-based technologies, as well as their development and applications for functional genomics of plant coding and non-coding(More)
Retroviruses rely on host RNA-binding proteins to modulate various steps in their replication. Previously several animal retroviruses were determined to mediate Dhx9/RNA helicase A (RHA) interaction with a 5' terminal post-transcriptional control element (PCE) for efficient translation. Herein PCE reporter assays determined HTLV-1 and HIV-1 RU5 confer(More)
––In the supplier selection process, the most important issue is to determine suitable decision making criteria for selecting the right supplier. This research aimed to identify the most important criteria to be used as a baseline for a supplier selection process of automobile sector in India. The results are based on the feedback from automobile sector in(More)
RNase P, which catalyzes tRNA 5'-maturation, typically comprises a catalytic RNase P RNA (RPR) and a varying number of RNase P proteins (RPPs): 1 in bacteria, at least 4 in archaea and 9 in eukarya. The four archaeal RPPs have eukaryotic homologs and function as heterodimers (POP5•RPP30 and RPP21•RPP29). By studying the archaeal Methanocaldococcus(More)
Invited Paper This paper provides an overview of service level agreements (SLAs) in IP networks. It looks at the typical components of an SLA and identifies three common approaches that are used to satisfy SLAs in IP networks. The implications of using the approaches in the context of a network service provider, a hosting service provider, and an enterprise(More)
Essential host cofactors in retrovirus replication bind cis-acting sequences in the 5'untranslated region (UTR). Although host RBPs are crucial to all aspects of virus biology, elucidating their roles in replication remains a challenge to the field. Here RNA affinity-coupled-proteomics generated a comprehensive, unbiased inventory of human and avian RNA(More)
The wilt diseases caused by Verticillium dahliae and Fusarium oxysporum are the major diseases of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.). In order to generate transgenic resistance against the wilt diseases, Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer was performed to introduce alfalfa glucanase gene encoding an acidic glucanase into eggplant using neomycin(More)
— Packaging is considered as an integral part of the 'Product' of marketing mix. Along with basic objectives (protect ion and preservation, containment, convenience and communication) packaging serves as a promotional tool. Packaging is an important p art of the branding process as it plays a vital role in communicating the image and identity of an(More)
People have trusted in face-to-face interaction more than any other modes of interactions to develop relationships and as a result of which one of the most concerned problem that the electronic world is facing, is the lack of trust. For online trust development, study of customer behavior is must as customers, in present context, have become more fickle and(More)