Deepali Pathak

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We assessed genomic instability of 3.4 kb DYZ1 repeat arrays in patients encompassing prostate cancer (PC), cases of repeated abortion (RA) and males exposed to natural background radiation (NBR) using real-time PCR and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Normal males showed DYZ1 copies ranging from 3000 to 4300, RA, 0-2237; PC, 550; and males(More)
The long arm of the human Y chromosome is flecked with various fractions of repetitive DNA. DYZ1 is one such fraction, which is organized tandemly as an array of a 3.4-kb repeat ranging from 2000-4000 copies in normal males. We have studied the organizational variation of the DYZ1 fraction on the human Y chromosome using DNA samples from CEPH family members(More)
Higher eukaryotes contain a wide variety of repetitive DNA, although their functions often remain unknown. We describe cloning, chromosomal localization, copy number assessment, and transcriptional status of 1378- and 673-bp repeat fractions in the buffalo genome. The pDS5, representing the 1378-bp fragment, showed FISH signals in the centromeric region of(More)
Minisatellites have been implicated with chromatin organization and gene regulation, but mRNA transcripts tagged with these elements have not been systematically characterized. The aim of the present study was to gain an insight into the transcribing genes associated with consensus of 33.6 repeat loci across the tissues in water buffalo, Bubalus bubalis.(More)
We conducted minisatellite-associated sequence amplification (MASA) with an oligo (5' CACCTCTCCACCTGCC 3') based on consensus of 33.15 repeat loci using cDNA from the testis, ovary, spleen, kidney, heart, liver, and lung of water buffalo Bubalus bubalis and uncovered 25 amplicons of six different sizes (1,263, 846/847, 602, 576, 487, and 324 base pairs).(More)
The Hox complex contains 39 genes clustered into four groups involved in cell differentiation and development. We cloned full-length sequence of Hoxc11 gene from water buffalo Bubalus bubalis, assessed its copy number, localized the same onto the chromosome 5, and studied its evolutionary conservation across the species. Northern hybridization of Hoxc11(More)
Repetitive sequences are the major components of the eukaryotic genomes. Association of these repeats with transcribing sequences and their regulation in buffalo Bubalus bubalis has remained largely unresolved. We cloned and sequenced RsaI repeat fragments pDp1, pDp2, pDp3, pDp4 of 1331, 651, 603 and 339 base pairs, respectively from the buffalo, Bubalus(More)
Sex chromosome-related anomalies engender plethora of conditions leading to male infertility. Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH) is a rare but well-known cause of male infertility. Present study was conducted to ascertain possible consensus on the alterations of the Y-linked genes and loci in males representing hypogonadism (H), which in turn culminate in(More)
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