Deepak Vijaywargi

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We present an overview of the data collection and transcription efforts for the COnversational Speech In Noisy Environments (COSINE) corpus. The corpus is a set of multi-party conversations recorded in real world environments, with background noise, that can be used to train noise-robust speech recognition systems or develop speech de-noising algorithms. We(More)
A certificate of authenticity (COA) is an inexpensive physical object with a random and unique structure S which is hard to near-exactly replicate. An inexpensive device should be able to scan object's physical " fingerprint, " a set of features that represents S. In this paper, we explore the requirements that optical media such as DVDs should satisfy, to(More)
We propose a simple, user-friendly tool which aims to offer comparative shopping to the consumer with minimal distraction. The key idea is to detect whether a specific Web-page is commercial, i.e., whether it sells an individual product or service. The detection is performed in real-time at the client with focus on exceptionally low false positives. For(More)
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