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– Cloud computing is a new design pattern for large, distributed datacenters. Service providers offering applications including search, email, and social networks have pioneered this specific to their application. Recently they have expanded offerings to include compute-related capabilities such as virtual machines, storage, and complete operating system(More)
Working groups have proposed building a layered set of protocols to solve the Cloud Computing interoperability challenge called " Intercloud Protocols ". Instead of each cloud provider establishing connectivity with another cloud provider in a Point-to-Point manner resulting in the n 2 complexity problem, Intercloud Directories and Exchanges will act as(More)
The concept of a cloud operated by one service provider or enterprise interoperating with a clouds operated by another is a powerful idea. So far that is limited to use cases where code running on one cloud explicitly references a service on another cloud. There is no implicit and transparent interoperability. This interoperability should be more than cloud(More)
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