Deepak Shete

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The paper presents a review of different techniques in content-based image retrieval. The paper starts with discussing the fundamental aspects of CBIR. Features for Image Retrieval like color, texture and shape are discussed next. We briefly discuss the similarity measures based on which matches are made and images are retrieved. Another important issue in(More)
In speech analysis, the voiced-unvoiced decision is usually performed in extracting the information from the speech signals. In this paper, we performed two methods to separate the voicedunvoiced parts of speech from a speech signal. These are zero crossing rate (ZCR) and energy. In here, we evaluated the results by dividing the speech sample into some(More)
SPECK has all the desirable properties of embeddedness, progressive transmission, low computational complexity, low dynamic memory requirements, fast decoding/encoding and provides excellent performance. In this paper SPECK algorithm is discussed and implemented. Also along with the SPECK we can modify the algorithm by combining it with Huffman coding to(More)
This paper presents a description of the work done on phonetic speech analysis. The work aims in generating phonetic codes of the uttered speech in training-less, human independent manner. This work is guided by the working of ear in response to audio signals. The Devnagri script inspires the work presented. The Devnagari script classifies and arranges 46(More)
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