Deepak Prakash Mahara

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BACKGROUND Fractures of the calcaneus are among the most challenging for the orthopaedic surgeon. The treatment of the intra-articular calcaneum fracture remains controversial due to complications and complexity of surgical anatomy. Treatment of calcaneal fracture ranges from non-operative treatment to operative. We present intraarticular fracture of(More)
Nepal loses about 530,000 disability adjusted life years (DALYs) per year to injury, predominantly due to falls. It takes 30,000 Nepali rupees (NR), or approximately US$430 at 70 rupees per $US saved per DALY to achieve primary prevention and 6000 NR per DALY if we invest in hospitals, versus 1000 NR invested in prehospital care, because simpler less(More)
The aim of this study is to firstly ascertain the survival of autogenously grafted morselised cartilage for full thickness osteochondral defects in knee joints of pigs. Secondly, it is to determine the quality of the grafted cartilage that survives and to score to it based on a recognised and tested system of indices and thirdly, to recognise, if any, the(More)
BACKGROUND Meniscus tears are the most common injury of the knee. The McMurray's test and Joint line tenderness for diagnosing meniscus tear have been widely tested, but results reported by different authors vary. The wide variations reported have an impact on clinical decision concerning whether to go for other diagnostic tests before going for diagnostic(More)
BACKGROUND The meniscal flounce is wavy fold in free inner border of meniscus seen during knee arthroscopy. The presence of this flounce in medial meniscus has been found to be highly predictive of normal medial meniscus. With meniscus related symptoms being commonest indication for undergoing knee arthroscopy, presence or absence of medial meniscus(More)
UNLABELLED Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma can present as either a nodal form with local or regional lymphadenopathy or less commonly, as an extranodal form outside the lymphatic system. Primary lymphoma of bone (PLB) is uncommon malignancies. Here we present a case of primary non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of bone arising from hip with clinical and radiological diagnostic(More)
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