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Location based services are proving to be the next driving factors for growth in smartphones. While GPS solves the problem of accurate localization in outdoor environments, indoor localization is still an area of active research. Emergence of new generation smartphones with low cost sensors, have provided an effective way of indoor localization by(More)
BACKGROUND Trigeminal neuralgia is a commonly diagnosed neurosensory disease of head, neck and face region, involving 5(th) cranial nerve. Carbamazepine is the first line drug if there is decrease in efficacy or tolerability of medication, surgery needs to be considered. Factors such as pain relief, recurrence rates, morbidity and mortality rates should be(More)
Traditionally, web analytics has focused on analysis and reporting of business metrics of interest to marketers, such as page views and revenue, by various dimensions of session characteristics, that can be obtained from user request. We introduce the notion of faceted reporting in the context of web analytics, where aggregated business metrics are reported(More)
Identifying and targeting visitors on an e-commerce website with personalized content in real-time is extremely important to marketers. Although such targeting exists today, it is based on demographic attributes of the visitors. We show that dynamic visitor attributes extracted from their click-stream provide much better predictive capabilities of visitor(More)
In this paper we propose a crowd sourced approach for solving large scale object retrieval. We have built a tablet application which displays a query image and a database image. The crowd provides their input to indicate, if there is a match between the query and database image or not. We test our application on a crowd of low-income individuals. We observe(More)
BACKGROUND Musculoskeletal presentations of Crohn's disease are rare and they include psoas abscess, thigh abscesses and in extreme cases septic arthropathy. CASE PRESENTATION Herein, we present a 53 year old gentleman with bilateral thigh fistulae discovered to be a new diagnoses of extra-intestinal Crohn's disease CONCLUSION It is important to(More)
Organizations measure their social audience based on the number of users, fans, and followers on social media. Every social media platform has its user identity and a single user is present across varied platforms. Due to the disconnected user profiles, identifying duplicate users across media is non-trivial. There is a need to create a complete view of a(More)
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