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Implementing a CRM Analytics solution for a business involves many steps including data extraction, populating the extracted data into a warehouse, and running an appropriate mining algorithm. We propose a CRM Analytics Framework that provides an end-to-end framework for developing and deploying prepackaged predictive modeling business solutions, intended(More)
Association rule mining is an indispensable tool for discovering insights from large databases and data warehouses. The data in a warehouse being multi-dimensional, it is often useful to mine rules over subsets of data defined by selections over the dimensions. Such interactive rule mining over multi-dimensional query windows is difficult since rule mining(More)
The top-<i>k</i> retrieval problem requires finding <i>k</i> objects most similar to a given query object. Similarities between objects are most often computed as aggregated similarities of their attribute values. We consider the case where the similarities between attribute values are arbitrary (non-metric), due to which standard space partitioning indexes(More)
Developing countries like India are observing an increasing trend in the penetration of mobile phones towards the base of the pyramid (lower strata of the society). This segment comprises of users who are novice and semi-literate and are interested in the basic usage of the mobile phone. This paper explores one of the basic features, the address book for(More)
A Reverse Skyline query returns all objects whose skyline contains the query object. In this paper, we consider Reverse Skyline query processing where the distance between attribute values are not necessarily metric. We outline real world cases that motivate Reverse Skyline processing in such scenarios. We consider various optimizations to develop efficient(More)
Online forums are becoming a popular way of finding useful information on the web. Search over forums for existing discussion threads so far is limited to keyword-based search due to the minimal effort required on part of the users. However, it is often not possible to capture all the relevant context in a complex query using a small number of keywords.(More)
Contact centers provide dialog based support to organizations to address various customer related issues. We have observed that the calls received at contact centers mostly follow well defined patterns. Such call flows not only specify how an agent should proceed in a call, handle objections, persuade customers, follow compliance issues, etc but also help(More)