Deepak N. Murthy

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Recent advances in deep convolutional neural networks enable researchers and developers to apply machine learning to a much broader number of applications. With the proliferation of deep learning applications, widely used deep learning frameworks, such as Caffe, Theano and Torch, have been significantly improved with the support of powerful GPUs and(More)
Resumo Confiabilidade e garantia são muito importantes no contexto de novos produtos. Este artigo apresenta uma revisão geral sobre confiabilidade e garantia de produto e discute algumas questões e desafios para pesquisas futuras. Abstract Reliability and warranty are very important in the context of new products. This paper gives an overview of product(More)
Visual understanding is a broad term used to describe efforts to extract meaning and knowledge from images computationally. Much effort has been spent by researchers to develop methods to allow for information to be gained from images the way humans do. However, it has proven to be a very difficult problem. Since the 1950s researchers have been attempting(More)
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