Deepak Murthy

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In recent years, the Internet and the Web have enabled us to distribute multimedia data such that it can be shared by people across the world in a transparent manner. The information presentation capabilities of a Web browser make it a powerful tool to achieve this objective. This involves the creation of individual multimedia repositories at Web sites as(More)
Different visual databases have been designed in various locations. The global integration of such databases can enable users to access data across the world in a transparent manner. In this paper, we investigate an approach to the design and creation of an integrated information system which supports global visual query access to various visual databases(More)
In this paper we investigate approaches to the creations of a metadatabase and a search agent in a metasewer which support global visual access to multimedia databases over Internet. The metadata for inclusion within the meta-database is formulated on the basis of visual content of the images housed at each remote multimedia database. The search agent,(More)
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