Deepak Menon

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OBJECTIVE In multicellular organisms, cell division is regulated by growth factors (GFs). In the absence of GFs, cells exit the cell cycle at a site in G1 referred to as the restriction point (R) and enter a state of quiescence known as G0. Additionally, nutrient availability impacts on G1 cell cycle progression. While there is a vast literature on G1 cell(More)
Rural PC kiosks have become prominent recently as a way to impact socio-economic development through computing technology. Despite the significant backing these projects receive from governments and other large organizations, there are very few rigorous studies which measure their actual impact and utility. We have developed and deployed a software PC(More)
OBJECTIVES "Long-term epilepsy associated tumors (LEATs)" by definition are tumors primarily causing drug-resistant seizures for two years or more. They include low-grade glial and glioneuronal tumors with normal life expectancy. We studied a large cohort of patients with LEATs who underwent surgery through our epilepsy program. PATIENTS & METHODS From(More)
A parallel algorithm for finding the inverse of the matrix using Gauss Jordan method in OpenMP. The Gauss Jordan method has been chosen for this project because it provides a direct method for obtaining inverse matrix and requires approx. 50% fewer operations unlike other methods. Hence forth it is suitable for massive parallelization. Then, authors have(More)
PURPOSE We analyzed consecutive cases of a large cohort of the spectrum of malformations of cortical development (MCDs) including focal cortical dysplasias (FCDs) who underwent presurgical evaluation through our epilepsy program from January 2000-December 2010. We analyzed factors predicting surgical candidacy, predictors of seizure outcome and reasons for(More)
Ocular neuromyotonia (ONM) is a rare disorder of ocular mal-alignment in which painless, transient spontaneous or gaze-induced abnormal deviation of the eye manifests as episodic diplopia. With only a few cases reported in the literature, ONM mostly follows months to years after cranial irradiation for sellar or suprasellar lesions. Here we present two(More)
With the rapid migration of physical layer design of radio towards software, it becomes necessary to select or develop the platform and tools that help in achieving rapid design and development along with flexibility and reconfigurability. The availability of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) has promoted the concept of reconfigurable hardware for(More)