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This paper analyzes the factors behind the growth of the services sector in India. The paper shows that growth acceleration of the services in the 1990s was mostly due to fast growth in communication services, financial services, business services (IT) and community services. While factors such as a high income elasticity of demand for services, increased(More)
Wohlfahrtia magnifica larvae cause myiasis in mammals, mainly in sheep and rarely in human. In human it may infest the ear, eye, mouth or nose, damaging living tissues. We report a case of ocular myiasis in 1.5 years old child belonging to urban slum after history of minor injury on left upper lid due to fall from bed. The purpose of reporting this case is(More)
Measurements of the production of forward high-energy pi(0) mesons from transversely polarized proton collisions at sqrt[s]=200 GeV are reported. The cross section is generally consistent with next-to-leading order perturbative QCD calculations. The analyzing power is small at x(F) below about 0.3, and becomes positive and large at higher x(F), similar to(More)
We present the first measurement of elliptic (v(2)) and triangular (v(3)) flow in high-multiplicity (3)He+Au collisions at √(s(NN))=200  GeV. Two-particle correlations, where the particles have a large separation in pseudorapidity, are compared in (3)He+Au and in p+p collisions and indicate that collective effects dominate the second and third Fourier(More)
BACKGROUND Leucoreduction of blood products is increasingly being employed to produce blood products with residual WBCs < 5 × 10(6) per unit (99.9 percent or a log 3 leucoreduction). Clinical data suggests that non-haemolytic febrile transfusion reactions can be prevented by leucodepletion. The procedure also prevents alloimmunisation to HLA antigens in(More)
Warfarin is a commonly used anticoagulant with documented reports of drug interactions. Tamoxifen is used in the adjuvant hormonal treatment of women with oestrogen-receptor- positive breast cancer. Warfarin and tamoxifen are known to interact with each other with a resultant increase in the bleeding tendency. These reports are mainly from the white(More)
Stuart Prower factor (Factor X) deficiency is a rare hereditary autosomal recessive coagulation disorder. We have come across three cases in the course of last 20 years at our institute. These patients presented with prolonged bleeding after minor trauma, epistaxis, subcutaneous bluish black nodules and two of them presented with history of consanguinity in(More)
We report the case of a 22-year-old woman who presented with acute onset flaccid quadriparesis. Physical examination showed mild pallor with cervical and axillary lymphadenopathy, hepatomegaly, and bilateral smooth enlarged kidneys. Neurological examination revealed lower motor neuron muscle weakness in all the four limbs with hyporeflexia and normal(More)
The removal of fluoride from aqueous solutions has been investigated using various oxide ores such as refractory grade bauxite, feed bauxite, manganese ore, and hydrated oxides of manganese ores (WAD). The refractory grade bauxite showed promising results. The studies were carried out as functions of contact time, pH, concentration of adsorbents,(More)