Deepak Kumar Jain

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Sign language recognition is an important research problem for enabling communication with hearing impaired people. This paper presents principal component analysis which is a fast and efficient technique for recognition of sign gestures from video stream. Capturing of images from live video can be done using webcam or an android device. In this proposed(More)
In the field of image processing it is very interesting to recognize the human gesture for general life applications. Gesture recognition is a growing field of research among various human computer interactions, hand gesture recognition is very popular for interacting between human and machines. It is nonverbal way of communication and this research area is(More)
The main aim of the distribution companies is to reduce their operating costs to get ahead of competition. One of the most popular approach is to increase the degree of reliability of distribution system. The management of network defeats (e.g. earth fault, short circuits) offers a lot of feasibilities for automation. The main jobs are fault localization,(More)
Visual secret sharing is the technique that divide the secret image into n multiple shares. Each share constitutes some information and when k shares out of n stack together the secret will reveal. However, less than k shares are not work. Sharing is the idea from secret sharing scheme that was presented in 1975 by Adi Shamir. The beauty of the visual(More)
An image mosaic is a method of assembling multiple overlapping images of same scene into a larger one. The output of image mosaic will be the union of two input images. In this paper we have to use three step automatic image mosaic method. The first step is taking two input images and finding out the corners in both the images, second step is finding its(More)
Image and video are the two most basic forms of transmitting information. With the help of Image and video encryption methods any particular set of images or videos can be transmitted without worrying about security. In the proposed paper a very simple and real time algorithm, using pixel mapping, is used for the encryption of the images which are the basic(More)
Collaborative filtering is one of the mainstream approaches to provide recommendations in various online environments such as Ecommerce. Although this is a popular method for service recommendation, it still suffers from sparsity issue where only a small number of rating records are available for some new items or users in the system. Consequently, the(More)
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