Deepak Khare

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The concentration of people in densely populated urban areas, especially in developing countries, calls for the use of monitoring systems like remote sensing. Such systems along with spatial analysis techniques like digital image processing and geographical information system (GIS) can be used for the monitoring and planning purposes as these enable the(More)
A series of novel Mannich bases derived from 5-chloro-2-methoxybenzamide and sulfonamides/amines have been synthesised and the antibacterial activities were evaluated against various Gram positive and Gram negative strains of bacteria. Some of the synthesized compounds showed superior in vitro activities as compared to their parent sulfonamides.
Landuse change influences the water balance of a region affecting the available water along with the change in the evapotranspiration (ET). The major objectives of this study are to assess the landuse change and its impact on the water balance of the study area, which is a part of the Narmada river basin in Madhya Pradesh, India. Landuse changes of 1990,(More)
Usually electric tugboats are equipped with diesel engine based electric generator for power production, battery for supplying power to auxiliary loads and electric motors for propulsion. This paper proposes control strategies for diesel engine and electric generators used in electric tugboat to improve energy efficiency of the system. Doubly fed induction(More)
Background: Elsewhere in other developing countries, and 85% of the Ethiopian population is living in rural part of the country and more than 90% of domestic energy source is dependent of traditional biofuel. Increase in population is causing more demand for human use and more pressure on natural resources. This adversely affect the increase of(More)
In the Refractories world three decades ago, very few people were acquainted to silica fume and its usage. After a few years, it was used as an additive to brick. When added to high Alumina brick, mullite was formed in the matrix of the brick on firing, giving the brick good volume stability, strength and chemical resistance. When used in basic brick, high(More)
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