Deepak K. Kandpal

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PURPOSE This retrospective study was undertaken to evaluate the feasibility of primary anorectoplasty without a covering colostomy using the anterior sagittal anorectoplasty (ASARP) or posterior sagittal anorectoplasty (PSARP) technique in patients having vestibular and perineal fistulae, its complications, results, and remote outcome in our institute. (More)
OBJECTIVE We report our experience with the Indiana pouch (continent urinary reservoir) in 12 consecutive children over the last 15 years and report their follow-up. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twelve consecutive children, who underwent the continent urinary reservoir procedure in the form of an Indiana pouch, were prospectively enrolled in the study. All(More)
AIM To report our experience of Pediatric ureterorenoscopy for ureteric calculi from two tertiary Pediatric urology centers at Apollo Children's Hospital, Chennai and Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. MATERIAL AND METHODS All children who presented with symptomatic ureteric stones greater than 6 mm were entered into the study. All children less(More)
The presentation and management of ureterocele has been rarely reported from India and is limited to an odd case report. They can be detected antenatally, may have incidental diagnosis or present with consequences of obstructive uropathy. They always present with secondary complications in adulthood, if the diagnosis and treatment is missed in early years(More)
V. B. Kute, P. R. Shah, J. D. Shrimali, M. R. Gumber, H. V. Patel, A. V. Vanikar1, H. L. Trivedi Department of Nephrology and Clinical Transplantation, Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Center, Dr. H. L. Trivedi Institute of Transplantation Sciences, 1Departtment of Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Transfusion Services and Immunohematology,(More)
Congenital pulmonary agenesis or aplasia is extremely rare. Although more than fifty percent of patients die before first five years of age, some individuals may remain asymptomatic throughout their life. A three-month-old female child with right pulmonary agenesis presented to us with severe respiratory distress. She was misdiagnosed as a case of foreign(More)
Neonatal intestinal obstruction is the most common surgical emergency in a newborn. Although, large numbers of newborns are operated in our country, limited published literature is available on advances in diagnosis, and management of this problem with outcome analysis in newborns. We report a premature (32 weeks) newborn who developed acute onset symptoms(More)
Esophageal substitution in children is a rare and challenging surgery. The minimally invasive approach for esophageal substitution is novel and reported from a few centers worldwide. While detailed report on the various complications of this approach has been discussed in adult literature, the pediatric experience is rather limited. We report the(More)
A 12-hour-old male infant presented with prolapsed abdominal content through a defect on left side of chest wall with respiratory distress. A thorough clinical examination suggested absence of ectopia cordis, abdominal wall defect, and any bony anomaly. The child expired after 6 hours of admission because of respiratory distress and electrolyte imbalance.(More)
Neuropathic bladder in children is most commonly secondary to spina bifida. The management starts early in life. The modalities of treatment vary depending on the severity of the symptoms. A proportion of children inspite of adequate medical management need augmentation ileocystoplasty later in life. The open surgery has proven safety and success over many(More)