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1. Senile patients suffering from nocturnal delirium were found to develop this delirium on being placed in a dark room during the day. 2. They were also found to suffer from severe impairment of their capacity to retain what they had registered. 3. It was suggested that their delirium may be based upon an inability to maintain a spatial image without the(More)
In the first reports (Cameron, 1944 ", b, r ) on this matter, certain observations were made which constitute the points of departure for the present study. These were to the effect that where an anxiety state has persisted over an extended period, the organism becomes increasingly reactive to situations likely to evoke anxiety so that ultimately the(More)
We are engaged--and will be during the rest of our lives--in the opening up of a frontier. I t is not hard to imagine that those who drove out the geographical frontiers of the west barely a century ago, and those who explored the scientific frontiers of bacteriology, found it often enough a confusing and heartbreaking struggle with half-understood facts(More)
Four conclusions are to derived from these studies: 1. That certain of the concepts that we hold concerning our nature hinder our response to psychotherapy. This is particularly true of our concepts concerning the source of power in human affairs, concerning the relationship of the individual to society, concerning the organization of the individual, and(More)
The major conclusions which the writer would like to draw from these studies are four in number: (1) That the disorders of the early stages of retention so frequently found in the aged exert a widespread influence on the total behavior of the individual; (2) That compensatory mechanisms, for instance the use of cues, are relied upon; (3) That there is(More)
1. The study of types of human behavioral sequence is relatively undeveloped. Five kinds of sequence can, however, be distinguished—those based on determinism, organicism, associationism, autonomy and a fifth as yet inadequately defined type which has been designated provisionally by the letter “X.” 2. These five types of behavioral sequence can be shown to(More)
1. Forty-one patients suffering from behavioral disorders occurring in the senium and 16 normal controls were investigated concerning the effects of limited postural change in the brachial blood pressure. 2. Tilting the head up or down 12.5° from the horizontal produced maintenance of pressure or rise of systolic pressure in 93.7 per cent of trials, and in(More)
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