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Multiplicative weight-update algorithms such as Winnow and Weighted Majority have been studied extensively due to their on-line mistake bounds' logarithmic dependence on N , the total number of inputs, which allows them to be applied to problems where N is exponential. However, a large N requires techniques to efficiently compute the weighted sums of inputs(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy of phenobarbitone and phenytoin for treatment of neonatal seizures in term and near-term neonates. DESIGN Open labeled randomized controlled trial. SETTING Neonatal intensive care unit of a level II unit from India, from November 2008 to September 2009. PARTICIPANTS All term and late pre-term neonates admitted with(More)
We explore applications of Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for weight estimation over inputs to the Weighted Majority (WM) and Winnow algorithms. This is useful when there are exponentially many such inputs and no apparent means to efficiently compute their weighted sum. The applications we examine are pruning classifier ensembles using WM and learning(More)
A case of post-in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cervical and intrauterine heterotropic pregnancy with cardiac activity in both embryos is presented. It was diagnosed in the 7(th) week of gestation by ultrasonography and cervical pregnancy was treated conservatively with intrathoracic administration of potassium chloride under transvaginal ultrasound guidance(More)
Knowledge and knowledge driven learning determines the organizational ability to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. To excel in business, organizations need to develop processes that facilitate streamline information flow resulting in enhanced learning. This paper investigates the learning capabilities demonstrated by Indian organizations and for(More)
me gösteren bir YDGH olgusu sunulmuştur. ABSTRACT Transient hyperammonemia of neonate (THAN) presents within first few days of postnatal life in form of severe hy-perammonemia, a comatose state, absence of abnormal organic aciduria, normal activity of urea cycle enzymes and usually, completes recovery. In contrast to some of the hereditary disorders of the(More)