Deepak Bagchi

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— In this paper, we address the issue of selection of suppliers in order to ensure that the procurement process in a manufacturing or service supply chain is green in the sense of minimizing carbon emissions. We assume that at the root level, we have an orchestrator who wishes to put together a green supply network consisting of multi-tier suppliers. The(More)
— Auction based mechanisms have become popular in industrial procurement settings. These mechanisms minimize the cost of procurement and at the same time achieve desirable properties such as truthful bidding by the suppliers. In this paper, we investigate the design of truthful procurement auctions taking into account an additional important issue namely(More)
We discuss four problems that we have identified under the umbrella of carbon economics problems: carbon credit allocation (CCA), carbon credit buying (CCB), carbon credit selling (CCS), and carbon credit exchange (CCE). Because of the strategic nature of the players involved in these problems, game theory and mechanism design provides a natural way of(More)
— The problem addressed in this paper is concerned with an important issue faced by any green aware global company to keep its emissions within a prescribed cap. The specific problem is to allocate carbon reductions to its different divisions and supply chain partners in achieving a required target of reductions in its carbon reduction program. The problem(More)
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