Deepak B Akolekar

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Catalytic wet oxidation (CWO) and wet peroxide oxidation (WPO) of stripped sour water (SSW) from an oil shale refinery was investigated. Greater than 70% total organic carbon (TOC) removal from SSW was achieved using Cu(NO(3))(2) catalysed WO under the following conditions using a glass lined reaction vessel: 200 degrees C, pO(2)=0.5MPa, 3h,(More)
Novel high-surface-area mesoporous catalysts of type Al-MCM-41 containing transition metals such as iron, nickel, cobalt, zinc, copper, and cobalt were prepared and characterized using techniques such as BET, FTIR, ICP-MS, XPS, and XRD. The XPS measurements indicated that the transition-metal particles are located in the bulk or pore channels of the(More)
Au L(3)-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopic measurements were carried out over a series of mesoporous and microporous materials containing gold nanoparticles to investigate the effects of the host matrix and preparation methods on the properties of gold nanoparticles. The materials of structure type MCM-41, ZSM-5, SAPO-18 and LSX with varying framework(More)
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