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Dens invaginatus (DI) is a malformation of teeth probably resulting from an infolding of the dental papilla during tooth development. DI is classified as type I, II, and III by Oehlers depending on the severity of malformation. The maxillary lateral incisor is the most commonly affected tooth. Structural defects do exist in the depth of the invagination(More)
INTRODUCTION Antidepressants are commonly prescribed during pregnancy; however, there are inconsistent data on the safety of these medications during the prenatal period. To address this gap, this study will investigate short-term and long-term neurodevelopmental, physical and mental health, and educational outcomes of children who have been exposed to(More)
INTRODUCTION Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a significant public health concern. To prevent FASD, factors that place women at risk for giving birth to children with FASD must be investigated; however, there are little data in this area. This paper describes the development of the Manitoba mothers and FASD study, a retrospective cohort of mothers(More)
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