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RNA Affinity for Molecular L-Histidine; Genetic Code Origins
Selection for affinity for free histidine yields a single RNA aptamer, which was isolated 54 times independently. This RNA is highly specific for the side chain and binds protonated L-histidine withExpand
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Poly(U) RNA-templated synthesis of AppA.
Simple nucleotide templating activities are of interest as potential primordial reactions. Here we describe the acceleration of 5'-5' AppA synthesis by 3'-5' poly(U) under normal solution conditions.Expand
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Cross-backbone templating; ribodinucleotides made on poly(C).
G(5')pp(5')G synthesis from pG and chemically activated 2MeImpG is accelerated by the addition of complementary poly(C), but affected only slightly by poly(G) and not at all by poly(U) and poly(A).Expand
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The Plausibility of RNA-Templated Peptides: Simultaneous RNA Affinity for Adjacent Peptide Side Chains
According to the RNA world hypothesis, coded peptide synthesis (translation) must have been first catalyzed by RNAs. Here, we show that small RNA sequences can simultaneously bind the dissimilarExpand
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Non-Watson-Crick RNA synthesis suited to origin functions.
A templated RNA synthesis is characterized in which G5'pp5'G accelerates synthesis of A5'pp5'A from pA and chemically activated ImpA precursors. Similar acceleration is not observable in the presenceExpand
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