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Malignant transformation in tailgut cysts (TGCs) is extremely rare, with no reports of transitional cell carcinoma arising in them in the UK literature. Here, we discuss a case of a patient with a malignant TGC encapsulating the rectum. This case report highlights the pathological and diagnostic considerations and discusses its management.
A simple monoclonal antibody based ELISA for free Protein S, compatible with out existing ELISA for total Protein S has been developed, and its performance compared with the conventional PEG precipitation method of free Protein S assay. The normal range (mean +/- 2 SD) was 0.19-0.54 iu/ml free Protein S. The mean intra assay variation was 5.24% and the mean(More)
During blood collection, agitation and volume limitations are critical to ensure thorough mixing of the blood with the anticoagulant and obtention of the predetermined volume. These 2 factors are essential to prevent blood activation and to obtain well standardized blood products. The objective of this study was to compare the quality of the blood collected(More)
Aggressive fibromatosis of the breast is an uncommon benign disease. The clinical and X-Ray findings can simulate breast cancer. The diagnosis relies on histology. The typical feature of this disease is a locally aggressive but non metastasizing lesion with high recurrence rate. Treatment consists in wide excision. The role of radiation and drug therapy(More)
OBJECTIVE Ultrasonography is invaluable for evaluation of palpable masses and masses detected by mammography. Ultrasound has no proved role in breast screening. Between 1991 and 1994, we included ultrasonography routinely in our screening mammography prescription, not only for evaluation of mass detected by mammography but also in radiographically dense,(More)
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