Deepa Jacob

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In recent years ultrasonography (US) has emerged as the imaging technique of choice for guiding diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including those related to the musculoskeletal system. However, the absence of ionizing radiation and the elevated safety of the method must not lead us to forget that there are precautions and contraindications to keep in(More)
Surgery is the usual treatment for primary hyperparathyroidism. However, some patients with high surgical risks are not suitable for surgery. For such patients, we propose, as an alternative treatment, ultrasonically guided percutaneous ethanol injection into parathyroid adenomas, in order to induce necrosis of the tumor. We report, here, the results of(More)
Malignant transformation in tailgut cysts (TGCs) is extremely rare, with no reports of transitional cell carcinoma arising in them in the UK literature. Here, we discuss a case of a patient with a malignant TGC encapsulating the rectum. This case report highlights the pathological and diagnostic considerations and discusses its management.
In the recent years there has been an increase in the number of tendon tears (TT) seen in routine daily outpatient practice secondary to the increasing popularity of sport activities. Tears require early diagnosis to ensure proper treatment and reduce functional impairment. Since local pain, edema and reflex muscle contraction can significantly limit the(More)
Ultrasound examination is often the most effective and sometimes the only practical means of examining children with soft tissue, tendon and joint diseases. This review will cover the important application of diagnostic ultrasound in children musculoskeletal disorders. We will consider topics where ultrasound is the only sensible means of examination such(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The objective of this retrospective study was to report the results of ethanol injection in parathyroid adenomas. PATIENTS AND METHOD Since 1988, 31 patients with inoperable primary hyperthyroidism have been treated by ultrasound-guided percutaneous ethanol injection into the adenoma. The main surgical contraindications were heart failure(More)
Diagnostic and therapeutic interventional procedures are rapidly expanding and, when guided by imaging, are more efficient then when performed with a blinded technique. Compared to fluoroscopy and CT, ultrasound does not utilize ionizing radiation. It can facilitate needle placement for arthrography, tenography or bursography or it can guide a variety of(More)
Multiple periarticular structures are present around the hip joint: tendons, bursae, muscles and entheses, fascias, nerves and vessels. Periarticular diseases of the hip in young adults include, in decreasing order of functional impairment: posttraumatic lesions of muscles and tendons that should not be overlooked because of the risk of functional sequelae,(More)
During blood collection, agitation and volume limitations are critical to ensure thorough mixing of the blood with the anticoagulant and obtention of the predetermined volume. These 2 factors are essential to prevent blood activation and to obtain well standardized blood products. The objective of this study was to compare the quality of the blood collected(More)