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Tubo-ovarian abscesses can rupture spontaneously after a manual examination or an accidental trauma. A critically ill patient with septic peritonitis will only deteriorate if timely surgical removal of pus is not done. The operation of choice is removal of free pus, together with the abscess, the uterus, the tubes and usually, the ovaries. Anatomy is(More)
Schwannomas are tumours that arise from the myelin sheath of the nerves. A very unusual location for schwannoma is the retro peritoneal areas (less than 2%). We present herewith a patient who had a 4x5cm Schwannoma arising from the nerve root of L2 on the right side, which presented as a lump in the psoas major muscle. This was treated by total laparoscopic(More)
Post-partum haemorrhage is a major determinant of maternal mortality. Traditionally, cases of post-partum haemorrhage caused by arterial injuries were managed by caesarean hysterectomies or bilateral internal iliac artery ligations. The diagnosis of aneurysms or arteriovenous malformations of uterine artery are often missed. Uterine curettage, caesarean(More)
Situs inversus totalis (SIT) is a rare autosomal recessive condition involving the complete lateral transposition of the organs. When individuals with this condition suffer from appendicitis, associated pain and symptoms are usually present on the left side, resulting in diagnostic difficulties. Moreover, the laparoscopic removal of the left-sided appendix(More)
Perforated appendicitis leading to inflammatory stricture of the right ureter is a rarity. We present this fairly uncommon case of a patient who developed a stricture of the right ureter secondary to an ongoing inflammatory process in the peritoneum and retroperitoneum. A perforated appendicitis was operated upon, and on follow-up the mild hydronephrosis(More)
In Arnold Chiari (kee-AHR-ee) II malformation elongated cerebellar tonsils are displaced inferiorly through the Foramen Magnum into the upper cervical spinal canal. It is a complex anomaly with skull, dura, brain, spine and cord manifestations. Meningomyelocele is seen in all cases. We present a case of type II Arnold Chiari Malformation diagnosed in utero(More)
Diaphragmatic eventration is an uncommon malady, underdiagnosed and often treated only in emergent situations. Eventration of the diaphragm is best treated by plication of diaphragm with or without meshplasty. Various studies have shown that thoracoscopic plication is as efficient as laparotomy or laparoscopic plication. We present here the report of(More)
Although 2(nd) Branchial arch fistulae (from incomplete closure of Cervical sinus of His) are well known, 1(st) arch fistulae are much rarer (<10%) and are usually not tackled comprehensively. We present a case of a rare first branchial arch fistula of the type II Arnot classification, which presented with two external openings of more than 20 years(More)
Adnexal torsion is responsible for 2.7% of all gynecological emergencies. Ectopic pregnancy is relatively common, occurring in 2% of all pregnancies. We report the second case of ruptured right tubal ectopic gestation with torsion of serous cystadenoma of left ovary. This was diagnosed after emergency laparoscopy done for acute abdomen. Right salpingectomy(More)
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