Deepa D. Shankar

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Steganography is broadly used to embed information in high resolution images, since it can contain adequate information within the small portion of cover image. Steganalysis is the procedure of finding the occurrence of hidden message in an image. This paper compares the efficiency of two embedding algorithms using the image features that are consistent(More)
BACKGROUND Health care workers (HCW) in low and middle income countries are at high risk of nosocomial tuberculosis infection. Periodic screening of health workers for both TB disease and infection can play a critical role in TB infection control. Occupational health programs that implement serial tuberculin skin testing (TST) are advised to use a two-step(More)
Existing diagnostic tests for pleural tuberculosis (TB) have inadequate accuracy and/or turnaround time. Interferon-gamma (IFNg) has been identified in many studies as a biomarker for pleural TB. Our objective was to develop a lateral flow, immunochromatographic test (ICT) based on this biomarker and to evaluate the test in a clinical cohort. Because IFNg(More)
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