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The present work was conducted to understand the basis of adaptation in Caragana jubata in its niche environment at high altitude cold desert of Himalaya. Molecular data showed predominance of genes encoding chaperones and those involved in growth and development at low temperature (LT), a major cue operative at high altitude. Importantly, these genes(More)
BACKGROUND Negative interference of bilirubin with assessment of creatinine concentration is generally known from the biochemical aspect. The objective of the presented work was to find the bilirubin level and creatinine concentration where this phenomenon has actually a clinical impact. METHODS AND RESULTS In 200 samples selected at random the bilirubin(More)
A 2-Cys peroxiredoxin cDNA (CjPrx) was isolated and characterized from Caragana jubata, a temperate/alpine plant species of high altitude cold desert of Himalaya and Eurasia. The cDNA obtained was 1,064 bp long consisting of an open reading frame of 789 bp encoding 262 amino acids. The calculated molecular mass of the mature protein was 28.88 kDa and pI was(More)
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