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INTRODUCTION Currently, diagnosis of patients with postural instability relies on a rudimentary clinical examination. This article suggests an innovative, portable, and cost-effective prototype to evaluate balance control objectively. METHODS The proposed system uses low-cost, microelectromechanical sensor, body-worn sensors (BalanSens) to measure the(More)
We report on the oto-palato-digital syndrome (OPD) in two sons of a mother showing minimal signs of the condition. The index patient, a 10-year-old boy, presents typical symptoms of OPD type I together with bowing of the long bones and abnormalities of the thorax and spinal column. During the following pregnancy ultrasonographic studies of the male fetus in(More)
A two-phase quality assurance monitor was performed with a pediatric outpatient population to determine how well the current preparation of Fleet Phospho-Soda, Fleet enemas, and diet modification cleaned the colon. We studied 99 patients in Phase 1, implemented changes, and then studied 99 patients in Phase 2. Phase 2 found increasing age to be(More)
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