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The molecular circuitry underlying innate immunity is constructed of multiple, evolutionarily conserved signaling modules with distinct regulatory targets. The MAP kinases and the IKK-NF-kappa B molecules play important roles in the initiation of immune effector responses. We have found that the Drosophila NF-kappa B protein Relish plays a crucial role in(More)
The first step of peroxisomal fatty acid beta-oxidation is catalyzed by a family of acyl-CoA oxidase isozymes with distinct fatty acyl-CoA chain-length specificities. Here we identify a new acyl-CoA oxidase gene from Arabidopsis (AtACX3) following the isolation of a promoter-trapped mutant in which beta-glucuronidase expression was initially detected in the(More)
AIDS and AIDS-treatment neuropathies are common in individuals infected with HIV. As patients live longer due to improved antiretroviral therapies, the impact of painful neuropathy on patients' lives may increase. Several antiretroviral medications are known to cause toxic neuropathy in AIDS patients; but this may be outweighed by the beneficial effects of(More)