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Introduction Writers. editors, and others involved in the documentation process , are increasingly becoming active participants in the &rend towards moving hardcopy documentation online. The process of implementing softcopy documents involves addressing many complex issues. If online information is to be provided for a diverse product set to users across a(More)
Selective inhibitors of biogenic amine (e.g., serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine) uptake exhibit varying degrees of safety and efficacy as antiobesity agents. Moreover, preclinical findings suggest that the combined inhibition of monoamine neurotransmitter transporters synergistically enhances antiobesity activity.(More)
Introduction In 1994, our Publications DNision~ at SAS Institute began converting our in-house publishing system. The conversion involved evaluating, selecting, and implementing anew publishing system that would take advantage of the SGML paradigm for content markup. Components of the system include an SGML-based editor, routines for one-time conversions of(More)
Diabetes mellitus was induced in rats by the administration of streptozotocin and observations have been made over a period of 2 months in 3 groups of animals: controls, untreated diabetics and diabetics treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) therapy, using a 14-day Alzet osmotic minipump. Optimal control of day-to-day and 24-h blood(More)
We document in vitro and in vivo effects of a novel, selective cannabinoid CB(1) receptor inverse agonist, Imidazole 24b (5-(4-chlorophenyl)-N-cyclohexyl-4-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-1-methyl-imidazole-2-carboxamide). The in vitro binding affinity of Imidazole 24b for recombinant human and rat CB(1) receptor is 4 and 10 nM, respectively. Imidazole 24b binds to(More)
Six groups of rats were studied over a 12-week period: onset and end controls, untreated diabetics, ponalrestat-treated diabetics, insulin-treated diabetics, and diabetics treated with ponalrestat and insulin. The concentrations of glucose, sorbitol and fructose significantly increased and that of myo-inositol significantly decreased in the sciatic nerve of(More)
Scatchard analysis of specific guanosine-diphosphate-([3H]GDP-) binding to rat brown-adipose-tissue mitochondria revealed two distinct binding sites with apparent dissociation constants (Kd) of approximately 0.05 and 2.0 microM. Binding to both sites was insensitive to atractyloside. Reducing the pH of the binding medium from 7.1 to 6.6 caused marked(More)
Introduction SAS Institute is midway through a transition from hardcopy customer documentation to electronic productsupportsysternswithmukimedia function-ality. The first part of thispaperdiscusses sAS Insti-tute's long-range strategy for implementing online documentation and business factors governing that implementation. The second part analyzes the(More)
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