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Since tobacco use is driven by dependence on nicotine, the primary addictive substance in tobacco, much research has focused on nicotine dependence. Less well understood, however, is the role that menthol plays in nicotine dependence. This review seeks to examine what role, if any, menthol plays in nicotine addiction in adults and youth. Based on research(More)
A significant difference between the blood pressures of rural and urban Malawians was found in both sexes, was present at the age of 15 years, and was associated with obesity but not with smoking, alcohol consumption, occupation or housing. Pulse rate was significantly lower in the urban group. These differences were accompanied by low potassium and sodium(More)
  • Dee Simmons
  • Journal of epidemiology and community health
  • 1983
A total of 1316 individuals were studied in seven villages in Belize, Central America. This represented 92% of the area population aged over 18. Generally, they were members of three ethnic groups--Maya, Spanish, and Creole. The systolic and diastolic IV and V blood pressures were recorded using standardised procedure. Significant differences in blood(More)
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