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BACKGROUND Polypharmacy and inappropriate medication use is a problem in elderly patients, who are more likely to experience adverse effects from multiple treatments and less likely to obtain the same therapeutic benefit as younger populations. The Good Palliative-Geriatric Practice algorithm for drug discontinuation has been shown to be effective in(More)
Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are a useful tool to check the effectiveness of drugs but have come to shape the culture of medicine in a manner that increasingly compromises medical care. Dependence on RCT evidence is compromised by the well-known problems stemming non-publication of trials, lack of access to trial data, ghostwriting of those trials(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify studies of existing instruments available for clinicians to record overall patient preferences and priorities for care, suitable for use in routine primary care practice in patients with multimorbidity. To examine the data for all identified tools with respect to validity, acceptability and effect on health outcomes. DESIGN(More)
Health disparities, also known as health inequities, are systematic and potentially remediable differences in one or more aspects of health across population groups defined socially, economically, demographically, or geographically. This topic has been the subject of research stretching back at least decades. Reports and studies have delved into how(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent studies suggest that statins increase the risk of subsequent diabetes with a clear dose response effect. However, patients prescribed statins have a higher background risk of diabetes. This national cohort study aims to provide an estimate of the comparative risks for subsequent development of new-onset diabetes in adults prescribed statins(More)
AIMS There is little information about the use of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) in New Zealand children who attend a general practitioner for intercurrent illness compared to children attending secondary care with a chronic condition where CAM use is high. This study aims to establish whether there are differences in prevalence and(More)