Dee Dyar

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OBJECTIVES To assess the development of grammar comprehension in spoken language in prelingually deaf children following cochlear implantation and compare their grammatical abilities with those of their hearing peers. DESIGN A prospective study of 82 consecutive prelingually deaf children up to 5 years following implantation. The children were less than 7(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the reliability of the Speech Intelligibility Rating scale to monitor the speech intelligibility of deaf children who have received cochlear implants. STUDY DESIGN A prospective study assessing the speech intelligibility of deaf children with cochlear implants by local and cochlear implant program speech and language therapists. (More)
A number of studies have shown that a joint approach integrating petrography, Mössbauer, infrared spectroscopy and other related methods to the investigation of a single sample provides insight into planetary materials beyond what can be inferred from any of the individual techniques alone [e.g. 1-4]. We present the initial results of optical, thermal and(More)
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