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Direct microinjection has been used to introduce foreign DNA into a number of terminally differentiated cell types as well as embryos of several species including sea urchin, Candida elegans, Xenopus, Drosophila and mice. Various genes have been successfully introduced into mice including constructs consisting of the mouse metallothionein-I (MT)(More)
Genetic engineering of livestock is expected to have a major effect on the agricultural industry. However, accurate assessment of the consequences of transgene expression is impossible without multigenerational studies. A systematic study of the beneficial and adverse consequences of long-term elevations in the plasma levels of bovine growth hormone (bGH)(More)
With the emergence of so-called 'smart CCTV' being able to recognise the precursors for disorder and civil disobedience, we present a preliminary study into using available CCTV networks augmented with big social media datasets. We examine the existing CCTV infrastructure in the UK, and use an agent-based simulation to model interactions between people(More)
In this paper, a double-cell, self-phase modulation based optical regenerator is designed and optimised to reduce signal noise and distortion. Investigation on multiple passes through the proposed optical regenerator shows significant amplitude jitter suppression compared to single pass alternatives. Results have shown that improvement in Q-factor becomes(More)
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