Dedorah Faith Stanitski

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Assessment and treatment of limb-length inequality, particularly in the growing child, is a challenging task. Evaluation of the discrepancy requires an understanding of the significance of the disparity, as well as the natural history of the disorder, before formulation of a treatment plan. In the immature patient, consistent longitudinal data are essential(More)
Skeletal dysplasias, disorders of abnormal bone and cartilage development, are a heterogeneous group, each disorder with its own genetics, prevalence, prognosis, and treatment. More than 150 distinct conditions have been identified. Despite their obvious differences, the osteochondrodysplasias share many clinical and radiographic features. These patients(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to determine errors in measurement of torsional profiles (TP) (torsional femoral angle, torsional tibial angle, and femoral ankle angle) among four orthopedic surgeons, experts, and non-experts in measurement, and the learning curve. METHODS Twenty-six lower extremities of 13 patients with spastic diplegia(More)
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