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A key to advancing the understanding of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)-like symptoms is the development of spontaneous animal models. Over 55 generations of bidirectional selection for nest-building behavior in house mice, Mus musculus, resulted in a 40-fold difference in the amount of cotton used for a nest in high (BIG) and low (SMALL) selected(More)
To determine whether morphine sulfate alters the bronchoconstrictive response to inhalation of distilled water, we gave 13 subjects with mild asthma 0.15 mg/kg morphine sulfate or normal saline intravenously, after which they inhaled increasing volumes of nebulized distilled water from an ultrasonic nebulizer. We constructed stimulus-response curves, and by(More)
The sonographic appearances of benign (normal and reactive) and malignant (metastatic and lymphomatous) lymph nodes can be explained by an understanding of normal nodal anatomy and nodal pathophysiology. In this article, we review the sonographic features of benign and malignant regional (axillary, infraclavicular, internal mam-mary, and supraclavicular)(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The anterior approach to the sciatic nerve block may be associated with a high failure rate because the nerve lies posterior to the lesser trochanter of the femur at the level of needle insertion. However, previous work using cadavers demonstrated that internal rotation of the leg renders the nerve more accessible to the anterior(More)
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