Declan O’Donovan

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Two hundred forty feral domestic cats trapped between 2004 and 2008 in the city centre and the suburb districts of Dubai, as well as in desert biotopes, were subjected to a complete parasitological dissection. The established parasite fauna consisted of Cystoisospora felis (12.9%), Cystoisospora rivolta (9.2%), Toxoplasma/Hammondia (0.8%), Heterophyes(More)
Delicate filamentous schistosomatids detected in the intestinal veins of experimentally infected chickens are here described as a new parasite species, Gigantobilharzia melanoidis, and details of its life cycle are given. It is the first complete description of a schistosome species that uses Melanoides tuberculata as an intermediate host. Apharyngeate(More)
Abstract: We report arterial and venous blood gas and acid base values established from a herd (n=19, 14 male, 5 female) of semi-free ranging Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx) in the United Arab Emirates. The animals were restrained using a modified raceway incorporating a commercially available handling crate. Statistically significant differences were found(More)
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