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Background. Gastric electrical stimulation (GES) is a surgically implanted treatment option for refractory gastroparesis. Aim. To systematically appraise the current evidence for the use of gastric electrical stimulation and suggest a method of standardisation of assessment and follow-up in these patients. Methods. A systematic review of PubMed, Web of(More)
An increasing number of data delivery and processing services are available online from different environmental information systems. However, these services are often described using different terminology and may therefore be difficult to find. Integrating services from multiple providers and combining services into a workflow is likewise complicated.(More)
Numerous research projects are currently being conducted to establish a link between global climate change and the risks to coastal and marine environments. As part of a wider European 5 th Framework Project, HIPOCAS, an attempt is being made to establish this link for the Irish and Celtic waters. To facilitate this a wind hindcast was conducted for this(More)
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