Dechawut Wanichsan

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With ever more increases in both storage and computational power, mining data in real time has become more and more practical and rapidly consumed a large fraction of research works on data streams. Particularly for time series data, subsequence matching under Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) distance has proven to work exceptionally well, but with higher time(More)
In the recent years, diagnosing students’ learning problems after testing and providing learning suggestions for them are an important research issue. Many studies have been conducted to develop a method for analyzing learning barriers of students such that helpful learning suggestions or guidance can be provided based on the analysis results. In this(More)
Recently, testing and diagnostic learning systems have been considered as a useful tool for analyzing students’ learning problems and giving helpful learning suggestions to them to improve their learning performance. Among the existing methods, a multi-expert approach has introduced a set of rules to integrate test item-concept relationship opinions given(More)
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