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With the rapid development of wireless technologies, it is possible for Chinese automatic meter reading system (AMRS) to be equipped with wireless sensor networks due to their low-cost, simplicity and mobility. In the current study, we compared the advantages of ZigBee with other two similar wireless networking protocols, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and proposed a(More)
—Regions of interest (ROI) or visually salient regions are rarely considered in spatial scalable video coding, thus visually important content can not be better adapted to lower display resolutions. In this paper, we propose a content-adaptive spatial scalable coding for traffic surveillance video. First, the background image is extracted by an improved(More)
In this paper we present a prototype of a control flow for an a pos-teriori drug dose adaptation for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) patients. The control flow is modeled using Timed Au-tomata extended with Tasks (TAT) model. The feedback loop of the control flow includes the decision-making process for drug dose adaptation. This is based on the outputs(More)
—A novel CMOS image sensor is proposed to overcome the analog design limitations in Active Pixel Sensors-APS and large area overcome in Digital Pixel Sensors-DPS for use in bio-medical applications. The design includes a pixel level event generation mechanism by using a binary search technique. A ramp voltage generated by a combined block of 10-bit counter(More)
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