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An integer wavelet based multiple logo-watermarking scheme for copyright protection of digital image is presented. A visual meaningful binary logo is used as watermark. The process of watermark embedding is carried out by transforming the host image in the integer wavelet domain. To construct a blind watermarking scheme, wavelet coefficients of HH and LL(More)
Job scheduling algorithm is the key technique in grid management. In order to meet the requirements of high quality QoS in job scheduling of OGSA grid, trust mechanism is added to make the job scheduling system work more effectively in this open, heterogeneous and dynamic grid environment. Utilizing the concept of trust, a trust-driven both-matched grid job(More)
In the area of content-based image retrieval, the feature-matching algorithm based on color histogram intersection ignores the similarity of different color. In located. Then, we proposed extreme value weighted mean image-matching algorithm based on sphere similarity of match stage, we adopted correlation classifier to recognize experimental results show(More)
A hybrid genetic algorithm is presented for minimizing the range of lateness and make-span on parallel non-identical machines in this paper, and a dynamic fitness function is introduced too. The coding method of the hybrid genetic algorithm (HGA) is very simple because it utilized the property of effective optimal algorithm for solving the corresponding(More)
PageRank algorithm is a famous algorithm to mine the Web structure, but it has a drawback of topic-drift. To eliminate the topic-drift of the PageRank algorithm, and after the analysis of existing algorithms, a new algorithm called TC-PageRank algorithm is put forward. The TC-PageRank algorithm is based on fictitious file vector and correlation measure of(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Transfer function (TF) is an important parameter for the analysis and understanding of hemodynamics when arterial stenosis exists in human arterial tree. Aimed to validate the feasibility of using TF to diagnose arterial stenosis, the forward problem and inverse problem were simulated and discussed. METHODS A calculation method of(More)
Eu2PQC6 has been developed to detect Al(3+) by monitoring the quenching of the europium-based emission, with the lowest detection limit of ∼32 pM and the quantitative detection range to 150 μM. Eu2PQC6 is the first ever example that the europium(III) complex serves as an Al(3+) fluorescent sensor based on "competition-displacement" mode.
We use molecular dynamics simulations to analyze the single-file transport behavior of a simple liquid through a narrow membrane channel. With the decrease of the liquid-channel interaction, the liquid flow exhibits a remarkable maximum behavior owing to the competition of liquid-liquid and liquid-channel interactions. Surprisingly, this maximum flow is(More)