Decai Huang

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Transfer function (TF) is an important parameter for the analysis and understanding of hemodynamics when arterial stenosis exists in human arterial tree. Aimed to validate the feasibility of using TF to diagnose arterial stenosis, the forward problem and inverse problem were simulated and discussed. METHODS A calculation method of(More)
The segregation of binary mixtures in a filled rotating double-walled drum is explored by simulations. Based on the characteristics of self-gravity and the centrifugal force, we argue that both percolation and buoyancy effects dominate the segregation process. The simulational results show that up to long enough times the segregation state is controlled by(More)
The subjective trust relationship is uncertain in the open network; it has fuzziness and uncertainty of dual characteristics. Therefore, both features should be considered when setting up trust model. Cloud model was introduced to, a qualitative and quantitative transformation model; the investigation of subjective trust management, a brand new(More)