Debrata Bandyopadhyay

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The adverse physiological effects of pneumoperitoneum are well understood. However, the clinical implications of compromised mesenteric circulation through several mechanical and physiological mechanisms are not as well recognized. We describe a fatal case of large bowel ischemia following an elective laparoscopic transperitoneal inguinal hernioplasty. The(More)
Leflunomide has been reported as an alternative therapy in sarcoidosis. However, the published data are limited. We performed a retrospective chart review of the tolerance and effects of leflunomide therapy in patients with sarcoidosis. 76 patients were included. The most common reasons for initiation were progression of disease or failure of other(More)
We report the CT appearances of an ingested pork bone in the lumen of small bowel in a 66-year-old man with an intact and virgin gastrointestinal tract. CT scan demonstrated the site of obstruction at distal jejunum with associated irregular narrowing and proximal small bowel dilatation as well as the bone lodged in the non-dilated terminal ileum.(More)
INTRODUCTION Hypoxic challenge testing (HCT) is not readily available in all hospitals. It has recently been shown that resting oximetry does not reliably predict the results of HCT in patients with extrapulmonary restrictive lung disease. We assessed other clinical tests to see if they might be used as an alternative screen for HCT. METHODS People with(More)
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