Debraj Choudhury

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In pursuit of creating cuprate-like electronic and orbital structures, artificial heterostructures based on LaNiO3 have inspired a wealth of exciting experimental and theoretical results. However, to date there is a very limited experimental understanding of the electronic and orbital states emerging from interfacial charge transfer and their connections to(More)
We report magnetic, dielectric, and magnetodielectric responses of the pure monoclinic bulk phase of partially disordered La2NiMnO6, exhibiting a spectrum of unusual properties and establish that this compound is an intrinsically multiglass system with a large magnetodielectric coupling (8%-20%) over a wide range of temperatures (150-300 K). Specifically,(More)
We report on the phase diagram of competing magnetic interactions at the nanoscale in engineered ultrathin trilayer heterostructures of LaTiO_{3}/SrTiO_{3}/YTiO_{3}, in which the interfacial inversion symmetry is explicitly broken. Combined atomic layer resolved scanning transmission electron microscopy with electron energy loss spectroscopy and electrical(More)
Mn-doped SrTiO(3.0), when synthesized free of impurities, is a paramagnetic insulator with interesting dielectric properties. Since delocalized charge carriers are known to promote ferromagnetism in a large number of systems via diverse mechanisms, we have looked for the possibility of any intrinsic, spontaneous magnetization by simultaneous doping of Mn(More)
Usually metallicity accompanies ferromagnetism. K2Cr8O16 is one of the less common examples of magnetic materials, exhibiting ferromagnetism in the insulating state. Analyzing the electronic and magnetic properties within first principles electronic structure calculations, we find that the doped electrons due to K induce a charge-ordered and insulating(More)
The magnetocaloric effect is a well-known phenomenon where the temperature of a magnetic material varies upon application or removal of a magnetic field. This effect is anticipated to be applied to magnetic refrigeration technology, which is environmentally benign. For practical applications, it is essential to explore and expand the materials horizon of(More)
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