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BACKGROUND Community-based obesity treatment programs for children that have a large program reach are a priority. To date, most programs have been small efficacy trials whose findings have yet to be up-scaled and translated into real-world settings. This paper reports on the process evaluation of a government-funded, translated obesity treatment program(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED To determine whether clients of community service organisations (CSOs) that work with disadvantaged families consider the organisation to be a suitable avenue for the delivery of smoking cessation assistance, and to explore clients' knowledge and attitudes on smoking, and barriers to quitting. METHODS Seven focus groups were undertaken(More)
BACKGROUND The effectiveness of once per week (OPW) delivery of a family-based childhood obesity programme was compared with twice per week (TPW) delivery in achieving health and behavioural outcomes at a population level and in improving programme attendance. Both programmes were delivered over 10-weeks, and the contact hours in the OPW and TPW programmes(More)
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